Reuse excavated soils in jobsite to save on dumping costs

Ensure compost quality by mixing and
aerating it

ALLU allows it to happen in a one step operation

ALLU for 35 years have been supplying solutions to agriculture and composting industries. We help to reduce and reuse your waste whilst saving you time and money.

ALLU Transformer SCREENING BUCKET turn your base machine into a mobile solution which can be used in various ways:

  • Biowaste shredding for biogas
  • Manure mixing for compost
  • Food waste processing for compost
  • Compost mixing and aeration to ensure its quality
  • Animal waste processing for further use 

Ensure mobile and cost-effective operations with ALLU to remain one step ahead. 

ALLU Transformers are known for their multifunctional use in construction and earthmoving industry all over the world. For decades earthmoving companies are using ALLU attachments in creative ways to minimize their costs and save time.

Regardless of jobsite location: city, countryside, desert, or golf field. ALLU Transformers help digging firms to process their excavated soils into various ways

  • For jobsite landscaping
  • Pipeline padding
  • Gardening projects 
  • Separation of valuable aggregates
  • Mixing wet soils with lime to get dry soil for further use

By connecting your base machine with ALLU, it becomes a mobile solution for profitable operations and your business becomes a part of circular economy.  One step ahead with ALLU.


We have the perfect solutions for agriculture, landscaping and earth moving

Transformer DL Series

DL-series Transformer is an easy and simple but still strong and reliable screening attachment, perfect for landscaping and agricultural applications.

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