Construction & demolition

Increased efficiency in screening -crushing of material on location

Full scalability and adjustability for
desired output size.

ALLU has been supplying screening solutions to construction industry from the very beginning. In 2020 with the introduction of the ALLU CRUSHER an essential element was added to their diversity and applicability. These brothers-in-arms enable a full working principle of screening & crushing on site anywhere. 

ALLU Transformers turn your base machine into a mobile solution which can be used in various ways.

  • Demolition job sites
  • Waste concrete and boulders recycling
  • Road work job sites (asphalt recycling) 

Ensure mobile and cost-effective operations with ALLU to remain one step ahead. 


We have the perfect solutions for Construction & demolition

Transformer D Series

Developed for larger processing jobs. Everything from aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material.

Transformer M Series

Crushing and loading the raw material is completed in one step. This reduces the need of buffer storage areas and material transportation.

Allu Crusher

Crushing attachments designed for excavators from 10 to 33t. The series includes 3 different models, designed to crush a variety of materials on-site.

Allu Compactor

The versatile and practical design of the ALLU Compactor attachments make them true all-rounders, indispensable on any construction site.

Case Studies

Allu solving problems for Construction & demolition

ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Processing Construction Waste

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