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Offering technology for mining sized
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Screening bucket technology can be applied to everything from material processing bucket

If you are a small mining operation or a contractor working in several mining operations or a large open cast mine, ALLU’s got you covered.

With crushing and screening methods using the loader or excavator as the primary or secondary processing machine helps reduce your costs and boosts your efficiency. ALLU M-series bucket, can help with your requirements. Designed to work in mines, mineral processing, as a processing bucket, screener crusher bucket for mining.

ALLU has been developing its screening bucket technology for over 30 years, and nowadays it can be applied to everything from screening municipal waste to detonating antipersonnel mines. The M series buckets can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of material – typically, from 50 to 150mm –, and so, can be configured to handle many different kinds of material. ALLU sees a potentially transformative role with respect to a mineral resource.


We have the perfect solutions for mining

Transformer M Series

Crushing and loading the raw material is completed in one step. This reduces the need of buffer storage areas and material transportation.

Allu Crusher

Crushing attachments designed for excavators from 10 to 33t. The series includes 3 different models, designed to crush a variety of materials on-site.

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