Increasing the profitability and efficiency

No need for extra equipment on
the jobsite

Just attach ALLU and you are good to go

ALLU D-Series attachments work with wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers or back hoes to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage.

The core of the ALLU TS Drum Assembly technology is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs.

  • No extra equipment on job site, just attach ALLU and you are good to go
  • No need to purchase new, fresh soil when you can screen the excavated soil back to pipe trench
  • All unwanted hard impurities are screened away and the end product is according to wanted/required quality
  • No need for electricity on site just plug and play.

One pipeline contractor recently realized 80 percent savings per cubic yard using an ALLU D-Series attachment Giving you total flexibility as it is available with two different blade types: standard blades for screening applications and axe blades when a crushing or shredding effect is required. 


We have the perfect solutions for pipeline

Transformer DL Series

DL-series Transformer is an easy and simple but still strong and reliable screening attachment, perfect for landscaping and agricultural applications.

Transformer D Series

Developed for larger processing jobs. Everything from aerating compost, primary on-site screening and processing construction material.

Allu Compactor

The versatile and practical design of the ALLU Compactor attachments make them true all-rounders, indispensable on any construction site.

Case Studies

Allu solving problems for pipeline

ALLU Transformer Screener Crusher Backfilling Pipeline

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